Fantasy 7

Two fisted and twisted | 20th anniversary


Music Steve Jones Lyrics Mark McCoy.

You're a king size generator
You're a high rise elevator
Ridiculous vibrator
One way comminicator

When just a young thing
So natural and wild
You civilized me with a stick
You left my soul defiled


America america
God shed his grace on thee
America america
But what are you doing?
I'm callin' ya - i'm callin' ya
Get down on your knees
America america
Give it back to me

Get down on your knees

Embryo assassination
Political insemination
Financial lubrication
Hysterical manipulation

Your gods you appetite
Of which you've no control
Your capital's a toilette baby
With a golden bowl


alternative sub

Salt of the earth now honey
A lite up on the hill
You're killin' off my babies
With a poison pill

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