Fantasy 7

Two fisted and twisted | 20th anniversary

Run for your life

Music Steve Jones Lyrics Mark McCoy.

They smell the profits
They smell the possibilities
Some green infection
It's an industrial desease

It's how the west was won
Makes our nation great
Wild things in cages or on dinner plates
I'm not afraid to die
Therefore i'm free to live
Baby you've been sleeping a wake up call i give

Run for your life
I'm gonna run them out
Honor me or die
Run for your life

This time it's them who's gonna dance
I'm giving you a chance run for your life

Their life is square just like their house
Car, money and their thoughts
My life is circular it has no end
It won't fit in a box

Their buildings tall house the living dead
The lines are long waiting for your bread
The womb is shut they're giving birth to lies
Such unbelief commiting deocide


I'm indestructable the body you can kill
My soul will live forever and forever still

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