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20th anniversary collection. You're all alone now you got no fear, put your safe little world behind. You are looking for a guided tour. I'll show you things you've never seen before. Let me show you.


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Heavy Rock and Pop. Rare radio recording made during the Sth. American tour. Aug. 1992

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Studio demo tape. 10 tracks that were recorded and distributed on audio cassette.

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Music to chew nails by . . this is the sound of FANTASY 7.

Born in 1991, F7 was formed as a diversion from the 'monotony' of mainstream rock n' roll and has developed into a band festering with emotion and attitude.

Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones provides the jagged guitar backbone of F7. Fronted by singer Mark McCoy and driven by a thundering rhythm section of Todd Hoffman and Mike Parma, FANTASY 7 delivers a blistering, sweaty, bonebreakin' spectacle that has whipped audiences into a frenzy from Hollywood to Buenos Aires.

Random Press

Fantasy 7 at the Gaslight
by Johnny Shakespeare

It was another punk surprise for me on this Monday night at the Gaslight when I was just going to check out the girls and lately the Gaslight is full of girls. I've seen so many bands lately and have so many reviews to write, I didn't want to see any rock and roll band and have to write another review. Of course when I found out that Steve Jones, ex-guitar player for the Sex Pistols was playing with F7, I decided one more review wouldn't hurt me.

So here it is... Steve Jones, a legend in his own time, playing guitar in another band very similar to the Sex Pistols and the Stooges. He's got a little lead singer who really reminded me of Iggy Pop. He's got a bass player who even reminded me of Sid Vicious. His drummer kicked ass totally beating the shit out of his drums and keeping in perfect time too. Due to the closeness of the stage to the dance floor, as soon as the pit got going, it had to stop because mic stands started flying over and the music had to stop.

I had a perfect view of Steve Jones and his guitar playing from the steps above the stage. For a punk guitar player, he is very precise and made me realize I'm going to have to do a hell of a lot of practicing of my own rhythm guitar playing. After watching him so intimately, I know that it will be worth it to practice my chords a little harder, because he made it look so easy and the songs were so good that I can see the pay off will be enormous.

I heard F7 has only been together for a month and a half and they already got some international gigs lined up and of course you will be hearing about them real soon so I suggest you go see them. Buy their records, tapes or CD when it comes out because we really don't want to see punk die. Do we?....?

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