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This is the sound of FANTASY 7.

Born in 1991, F7 was formed as a diversion from the 'monotony' of mainstream rock n' roll and has developed into a band festering with emotion and attitude.

Former Sex Pistol Steve Jones provides the jagged guitar backbone of F7. Fronted by singer Mark McCoy and driven by a thundering rhythm section of Todd Hoffman and Mike Parma, FANTASY 7 delivers a blistering, sweaty, bonebreakin' spectacle that has whipped audiences into a frenzy from Hollywood to Buenos Aires.

- original Press release circa 1992

Steve Jones

Anniversary collection

I'm Martin Straede,originally from Melbourne, Australia.

Early 90's, I had the pleasure of working with Fantasy 7. Mark McCoy was a friend who introduced me to a band and the city that changed my life.

The 20th anniversary 'Two fisted and twisted ' collection is for the world to see what fantasy was trapped in a road case for 20 years. The raw energy of a beautiful and perfect beast. F7

This site is a tribute in memory of Mark McCoy

Rock in peace. Dec. 30, 1963 - March 26, 2000.

Special Thanks

Thanks to everyone involved, friends, family and worldwide fans.
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