Fantasy 7

Two fisted and twisted | 20th anniversary

Video Files

The sights and sounds of F7. The houselights dim...electric anticipation surges thru the audience...the stage explodes with light, sound and energy...

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Television Show

Variety Television. Argentina.

Notes  F7 played 3 songs with mark humorously attempting to lip-sync to
steves voice on 'Freedom Fighter'. Funny ending with host falling over in pain.


Live concert footage

Hally Club. Friday August 7th 1992

Notes  The Halley club, Argentina
Original VHS was in black and white.

Sample: More footage available.

Outlaw Blood

Body and soul

Notes   Marks previous band Outlaw Blood MTV Headbangers ball


Steve Jones

Freedom Fighter

Notes   Steves previous SOLO PROject MTV Headbangers ball


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